“Pure and profound wisdom”

I not only think but I know and have felt during our sessions that Intuitive Psychologist is a great way to describe Doug. I have met very few people throughout my whole life that are in touch with there intuition as deep as Doug is. I remember only pure and profound wisdom each time he spoke. Doug was my inspiration and motivator to explore my gift for reading the messages from my subconscious through dreams. I am very grateful for this! Together with his wife Elicia, as part of the Core Emotional Healing process, he laid a perfect foundation for me to proceed on my journey independently. Working with Doug made me eventually see that one of my core values is sovereignty. This became one of my cornerstones in my new foundation and helps me navigate towards my truth every single day.

It was definitely the best kind of therapy that crossed my path.

– Edita

“Doug saw my truth and who I really am”

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Doug over the last few years in both a one to one and group therapy setting, receiving his guidance and support as an intuitive psychologist. I say fortunate because finding someone with Doug’s unique blend of experience, wisdom, intelligence, humor, honesty, vulnerability and genuine love, which was incorporated into my sessions with him, has been invaluable and rare to find. My own journey was at a stage where I was ready to seek and heal the root of my emotional and physical issues and that is exactly what Doug helped me do. With Doug’s help I’ve learned to set clear boundaries in places where I was afraid to. I see people and situations in a different light, one of reality as Doug helped me see my blind spots and adaptations, both of which I had no idea about before working with him. Doug saw my truth and who I really am, beyond the layers of conditioning I was feeling heavily burdened by. Doug helped me see my true self and how to stand in that truth no matter what is happening in people or circumstances around me. I was also able to understand so much more about my own intuitive messaging with Doug’s guidance, such as messages from my body, from symptoms, dreams and desires. All of the journey above has been such a pleasure. While addressing and dealing with often heavy and challenging emotions, Doug added a lightness, humor and fun. With my hand on my heart I can say that Doug is doing the work he absolutely loves and it shows in his dedication and love to his clients. You are treated as a beautiful human being and guided to shine as you truly are, right here, right now. And that is something I would wish for everyone to experience.

– Randeep

“He brings the hidden to light”

Doug is one of the most wonderful human beings I have ever had the honor of working with. I had some trepidation at the thought of working with a man, mainly because I didn’t feel comfortable sharing some intimate details of my past with a man, but as soon as I met him that all dissolved.

Before working with Doug, I didn’t even know the amount of resistance and protections I had going on. Doug really knows his stuff and I was able to get through some quite strong resistance and protection because I felt his compassion. There was nothing but a deep caring for me all through my process. He has really shown me how a man can show up and be present. Doug speaks for the men in the world who can bring a woman from her bias or hurt, into her heart, strength and trust.

Doug is the kindest, most sensitive, intelligent, whimsical, intuitive man and therapist. His depth of humanity, love, humor and knowing gave me complete trust in him. He picked up on things so quickly; both in what I said and how my body was expressing itself in the session. He brings the hidden to light. He is also a master dream interpreter and healer. His depth of dream interpretation took me to a much deeper understanding of what my subconscious was trying to tell me.

– Rebecca

“Goes right to the heart”

I have had the great pleasure of working with Doug Miller both privately and in group settings for these past two years. Doug has deep experience in many branches of psychology and has developed his own unique way of working with clients which goes right to the heart. He is kind, wise, funny and brings a rare depth of compassion and intuition to his work, always offering practical ideas and techniques which have helped me make profound changes as I work on healing my core emotional issues. Doug is a uniquely gifted, multi-talented healer. I feel blessed to have him in my life. – Ken

“One of the best decisions of my life”

When I first met Doug on Zoom Video, I was in a deep dark hole psychologically, where I felt nobody, not even myself could (literally) see me. I remember him patiently listening to me, looking at me with his kind and persistent eyes, just being 100% present, until that moment, where I felt he was actually seeing me, trapped in that hole. And for the first time in forever, I was not alone anymore… He took my (virtual) hand and what I sensed was: ” I see you, I see who you are, I see where you are, AND I know the way out, AND I’m gonna get you out of here.” I felt an immense sense of relief. And the thing is: he never let go of my hand until I was out of that hole, until I was able to stand in the outside world. And for that I am forever grateful to him. Also, even though therapy was intense, deep, sometimes difficult, it was also magic, interesting, and fun!! It was like going towards the light with a guide full of wisdom, wit, great knowledge and intuition, and ultimately, such a kind and beautiful heart. Working with Doug was one of the best decisions of my life. – Charlotte

“I am now creating the life I choose and desire”

I worked with Doug for almost a year. I was in the middle of a crisis, with my world completely falling apart. Where do you go when you no longer know what is real or safe?

Doug was a voice and light in this very dark moment of my life. When I couldn’t see, his voice directed my next steps, his insight showed me that I was seen and not alone, and his committed presence and encouragement showed me that I could be free and find goodness again. Doug brings a depth and mastery of understanding from the clinical to the experiential knowledge of personal healing and conscious expansion. He was ready to meet me at every stage of my challenges with whatever was necessary.

Doug reached me in the places of my past where I was completely unconscious and safely awakened me back to myself. I am so thankful for his skills and abilities leading me into a place of wholeness where I am now creating the life I choose and desire, but it was his generous love and dedication that truly changed me and I will forever be grateful.

– Samantha

“For the first time I felt safe sharing my intuitive self”

Doug was able to create an incredible space where I felt my whole being was held with love and care. For the first time in my life I felt safe sharing my intuitive self. Part of the reason was seeing Doug access his own intuition and provide accurate clarity on a multitude of issues. Doug’s ability to weave humor and wisdom makes sessions not only invaluable but you leave feeling better than when you came. Although we were working through some serious childhood wounds, I always look forward to our sessions together!

– Jake

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