Doug Miller, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical and Transpersonal Psychologist

Doug Miller, Ph.D.

Free Yourself From Internal Limits and Awaken To Your True Self

Individual and Couples Therapy

Doug’s therapy sessions are interactive, intuitive, very revealing and often include very clear direction for you to follow after the session to further your self-awareness and healing. 

Dream Interpretation

Doug’s dream interpretations are revealing intuitive readings, and unlike many other types of intuitive readings, these are grounded in  your own subconscious through your dreams.  Dream sessions often confirm exactly what you are working on and give you clear and specific direction with your process.

Experiential Therapy For Self-Judgement, Self-Criticism, Negative Self-Talk

You may be aware that there is some part of you, but aren’t sure what part, that causes you distress or undermines you, e.g., self-judgment, feeling inferior, need to be perfect/successful, anger, self-sacrifice, avoidance, defensiveness, etc…  Experiential techniques aim to increase your awareness of these aspects of yourself.  Sufficient awareness, really getting to know these parts and where they came from, at the very least gets you well on your way to healing, and can even resolve the problem for good.   

Womb Regression

90 minute session to access feelings, experiences, and life-long contracts and beliefs that were formed in the womb and infancy.  This allows you to make an active choice to rewrite your story or break the contracts.

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