A 6 Day Intensive Retreat For Men

 October 25 - 31, 2017

 FireCreek Mountain, North Carolina

The Modern and Empowered Man

Embrace your deepest and truest self, bring the fullness of your gifts to your relationships and work, and align with your desired future.

Benefit from the integration of psychological and shamanic approaches for a deeply transformative journey in a private, beautiful and comfortable natural setting.

Join Alberto Roman, MA and Doug Miller, PhD 

You can access the tools and deep inner resources that will bring greater fulfillment, meaning and purpose, and empowerment.   

Why attend this retreat:

You've done valuable work on yourself but want more fulfillment

You may have patterns in your life that contribute to dissatisfaction

 Traditional healing approaches have not brought you the results you want 

"Working with Alberto and Doug was phenomenal."

Joshua R.

The retreat was an experience I will fondly remember throughout my life. Everything about it created a powerful, safe and nourishing space that allowed us to expand into the deepest corners of our minds and emotional bodies and access old experiences and ways of being and thought patterns that no longer served us and heal them with expert guidance. It was absolutely the most profound 4 days I’ve had doing men’s work. Working with Doug and Alberto was phenomenal. Each of them has so much wisdom and knowledge that it is nothing short of magical. Since the retreat, I have had a more complete range of emotions and the capacity to deal with them. The times when I would have felt completely lost, I now see light at the end of the tunnel and have direction. I feel like I have a very pure, clean-burning fuel powering my system. There are still hiccups, but the fact that I can now look at those hiccups as just that is a huge success for me. This was definitely a system upgrade. It feels like the experience of the retreat lives in my body, like some sort of heart implant. At the end, I sat in gratitude, in contact with the pure and divine aspects of myself, and it was like a veil had been lifted.  

Original Artwork by Alberto Roman

Your inner wisdom is waiting for you to tune into it.

And as you do so, you will live life in flow, trusting it as it unfolds. You CAN:
Step into abundance and healthy relationships that uphold your best and highest good
Clear patterns that don't serve you
Become clearer and more confident in yourself and your connection to loved ones
Step fully into your deepest path

When you heal and remove constrictive patterns, you flow more freely with a deeper and clearer source of intuition and wisdom.  Through the insights gained in our deepening process, you will experience yourself as the clear, positive and powerful force that you are. 

Location and Accomodations

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Why We Chose FireCreek near Asheville North Carolina 

FireCreek Mountain is a private, beautiful and very comfortable 58 acre property nestled intimately with it's natural surroundings.

There is a large main house and two large modern cabins all located near the bottom of the property's own private mountain side.    

Each man will have his own bedroom, and double occupancy may be available at a slightly reduced rate.  

Food will include primarily locally sourced organic produce and meat. With advanced notice, special diets will be accommodated.  

We want to be sure that you are supported in every way so that you can focus on your healing and journey.  

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What's Included

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Morning and Afternoon Group Sessions

These are powerful sessions in which we dive deep into the patterns of the past that are holding you stuck in outdated behaviors and coping mechanisms that no longer serve you.

Alberto and Doug are both intuitive facilitators that will help you move through your blocks, heal and restore, and connect to your inner wisdom.

Each participant will be helped to identify core issues that have resulted from their personal history and conditioning.   Experiential therapy will be provided.  

Guided Deepening Ritual and Ceremony

These profound experiences are designed to deepen your process and increase your access to your most important points of healing, intuition and gifts.  

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Retreat Food

Mostly Organic, Farm-Fresh Meals 

There will be a dedicated cook providing very nutritious and healthy meals.  We have requested one meat per day, as being weighed down with heavy foods is not conducive to the work we will be doing.  

Please let us know of any dietary restrictions or needs ahead of time so our chef can prepare.  

Far Infrared Amethyst BioMat Therapy

Each day you will be provided with the opportunity to relax and restore on a BioMat. The BioMat uses amethyst crystals and far infrared technology to soothe and detoxify the body. (For more information, click HERE.)

We have found the Biomat to be useful for integration of the work.  

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What's Included

•  2  group healing sessions per day with Doug and Alberto

•  Guided ceremonies and rituals

•  Four nights of private and comfortable lodging

•  All organic, farm-fresh meals and snacks

•  Dream interpretation

•  Daily far infrared amethyst BioMat therapy

•  Post-retreat private session with Doug or Alberto

•  One follow-up video group conference call

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Learn how to release the past, embrace the present and align with your desired future.

Secure your spot now!

The all inclusive price is $2,400

  (Maximum number of participants is eight) 

​What Men Are Saying

"I left with clarity, a feeling of deep peace and a new-found confidence."

Paul N.

Combining Doug's techniques in psychotherapy and intuition with Alberto's Shamanistic, peaceful energy proved to be a powerful combination for healing and growth. It is amazing how much healing and clarity can happen when men come together in a setting like this to support each other, as we worked through our deepest emotions that create blocks in our lives.

Doug and Alberto created a safe and spiritual space that allowed me to really go deep into myself and release past hurts and shames that were affecting my life and personal growth. The FireCreek Mountain retreat lodge is a beautiful and serene location that set the stage for this amazing weekend of transformations. I arrived at the retreat unsure of what the weekend would bring but wanting changes and personal growth in my life. I left with clarity, a feeling of deep peace and a new-found confidence as well as having formed amazing bonds with the other men that were here with me. I also feel that my sense of empathy and intuition have increased due to emotional clarity. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed working with Doug and Alberto.

"I am accepting a positive relationship with myself."

Paul J.

Before the retreat, I was experiencing distress about my future in my relationship, my business, and with my son. Over the past couple of year, I have been on a roller coaster of ups and downs, feeling shame, unhealthy behaviors and self-sabotage. At the retreat, I connected with other caring men who, though we have different lives, have many of the same issues and feelings, and I now know I am no longer alone in the world. I found a place where I can be me, the real me, and not the “manly man” I’ve been conditioned to be. I started the retreat with a lot of anxiety and before the end of the first full day, relaxed, trusted what was happening and allowed my own process. I feel like a rubber band snapped in my brain once the anxiety ran it’s course, and then changed from anger, guilt, shame and finally acceptance of how I really feel. Working with Alberto and Doug was just what I needed. They are two intelligent and gifted men who, while working together, made it obvious what I needed to do to heal. My biggest improvement thus far is a calmness as I am accepting a positive relationship with myself, which I have longed for. I now view myself as kind, loving and intelligent, and I know that I want to be heard and understood. I am free to continue to shed the shackles and chains that have restricted my life. Thank you all again for such an experience in growth and healing.

"The retreat. . . helped me shift on many levels."

Phil D.

Before the retreat, I was experiencing depression related to challenges trusting men and having meaningful relationships with them. I loved the retreat, which was powerful and helped me shift on many levels. Doug and Alberto are a wonderful combination and the retreat has resulted in improved presence, more confidence, and I’m happier.

How Alberto and Doug Work Together

Alberto and Doug possess sets of overlapping gifts and skills that work synergistically and in tandem, facilitating deep personal transformation on multiple levels.

Alberto’s mastery at creating sacred space and facilitation of a deepening process helps participants access deep levels of their soul experiences and to enhance their gifts.  Alberto's decades of psychotherapeutic experience enriches the psychological and deep emotional work that is Doug's speciality.  

Doug's experience as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist includes mastery at guiding clients through their core emotional blocks and providing experiential healing structures that help men reintegrate lost aspects of their selves. Doug’s intuitive approach and experience with alternative healing methods enrich and support Alberto’s shamanic work.

Both Doug and Alberto have rich spiritual lives and a respect for the diversity of the way Spirit manifests for each individual. With the type of alignment that occurs through their work, deeper intuition and greater individual spiritual fulfillment can occur.

Meet Your Facilitators

Alberto Roman, MA

Alberto Roman's practice of healing arts spans several decades of service to diverse communities throughout the States and abroad. This includes one-on-one settings, hospitals, treatment centers, large organizations and in the wilds of the Planet. His contributions as a healer, leader and culture creative continue to evolve.

Alberto has studied and worked with Bradford Keeney, Ram Dass, Joan Halifax (Roshi), Babatunje Olantunji, Jose Campos, Mathew Fox, Balinese baleans, Costa Rican shamans, Buddhist Tantrics, Native American healers, Pachakuti curanderos, and many other gifted creatives throughout the planet. He has collaborated in two experiential documentaries and a book exploring transformational and healing arts: The Shaman and Ayahuasca and Talking with Spirits.

Alberto has degrees in psychology and philosophy. He is a musician, artist, and has activated various projects involved with meditation, ritual theatre, and ceremony under groups such as Kinan, The Nomadic Love Mesa, and Woven Tongues.

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Elicia Miller
Doug Miller, PhD

Doug received a calling to be a psychologist when he was 14, and like many in the field, this was both a calling to self-awareness as well as to helping others. He graduated from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts with high honors in Psychology in 1985; with minors in Biology and Comparative Cognitive Anthropology. Having searched for graduate programs in Clinical Psychology that would suit his intuitive and emotional personality, he was accepted into the only program approved by the American Psychological Association that mentioned the word “intuition” in it’s description of itself: Georgia State University, where he studied Gestalt Therapy along with Jungian, Existential, Psychodynamic, and Experiential psychotherapies. Always maintaining a holistic and spiritual/growth oriented approach, he took classes in health and consciousness, became a Reiki Practitioner, and was a therapist for family of origin intensives, helping to heal the deep issues resulting from our family experiences.

Doug’s Master’s Thesis was on the cognitive, emotional and self-awareness factors in adult development; his general examination topic for his Doctoral degree was on the relationship between existential and spiritual issues in psychotherapy; and his Doctoral Dissertation was on the relationship between The Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator/Jung’s Theory of Types and Personality Pathology. Since receiving his Master’s degree in 1988 (receiving his Doctoral Degree in 1995), he has had a private psychotherapy practice while he also turned his focus to Forensic Psychological Evaluations working with family’s involved with the courts, as well as criminal cases.

As a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Doug has been devoted to exploring his own and other’s spirituality and encourages each individual to follow their own awareness and path. These experiences have brought him to a deep understanding of the interplay and healing of psychological and emotional dynamics in the context of personal life development, empowerment and spiritual growth.

Doug’s focus with men is on recapturing aspects of self that have been lost to male conditioning, while healing the personal wounds that stand in the way of full-living, empowered vulnerability, emotional satisfaction and deeply satisfying relationships. He sees the value of this work not only in terms of individual development but also as a way to improve men’s role in society, across societies and in relation to the planet.

Can't make it to the Intensive?
Begin healing at home with Doug's support instead...

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