Dr. Doug Miller, PhD

Clinical and Transpersonal Psychologist

Doug received a calling to be a Psychologist when he was 14, and like many in the field, this was both a calling to self-awareness and personal healing as well as to helping others. He attended experiential education as early as High School, with two years at Antioch College. He finished his BA at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1985, with High Honors in Psychology and minors in Biology and Comparative Cognitive Anthropology.

Having searched for graduate programs in Clinical Psychology that suited his personality and approach, he was accepted into the only program approved by the American Psychological Association that mentioned the word “intuition” in its description of itself: Georgia State University. There, he studied Gestalt and Experiential Therapy along with Jungian, Existential, Somatic, Psychodynamic, Dream Interpretation and other approaches. Always maintaining a healing-holistic and spiritual/growth oriented approach, he took classes in health and consciousness and has been a therapist for family of origin intensives, helping to heal the deep issues resulting from our family experiences.

Doug’s Master’s Thesis focused on cognitive and self-awareness factors in adult development; his General Examination topic for his Doctorate was on The Relationship Between Existential And Spiritual Issues In Psychotherapy; and his Doctoral Dissertation was on the relationship between The Myers Briggs Type Indicator/Jung’s Theory of Types and Personality Pathology. Since receiving his Master’s degree in 1988 (receiving his DoctoralDegree in 1995), he has had a thriving private psychotherapy practice while he also turned his focus to Forensic Psychological Evaluations working with families involved with the courts, as well as criminal cases, and has been sworn in as an expert witness over 300 times. Now, his sole focus is on bringing his well-developed gifts and knowledge to the deep healing and growth of others.

Doug has spent substantial time in exploring his own and other’s spirituality and encourages each individual to follow their own awareness and path to be their unique authentic manifestation. These experiences have brought him to a deep understanding of the interplay between healing of psychological issues and personal development and spiritual growth.

Connect with Doug to heal and manifest your potential.