Doug Miller, PhD

Intuitive Psychologist

Helping You Heal & Reach Your Full Potential

Working with Doug

Do you want to know exactly what you need to really heal and reach your full potential?

Are you ready for a fuller and more active therapy experience with a compassionate, intuitive and professionally trained Psychologist?

With my 4 decades of professional experience, wide-ranging and multi-level perspectives, l will efficiently and effectively guide you through what you need to change, grow, and establish a more positive direction in your life.

By tuning into you on multiple levels, including somatic, I will help you become aware of what needs to be healed and integrate aspects of your authentic self that have yet to be expressed.

I will guide you through undoing the impact of the negative experiences, trauma, and limiting conditioning from your personal and cultural past. As these clear, I will help you embrace your unique gifts so they can be enhanced and developed.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Doug over the last few years in both a one to one and group therapy setting, receiving his guidance and support as an intuitive psychologist. I say fortunate because finding someone with Doug’s unique blend of experience, wisdom, intelligence, humor, honesty, vulnerability and genuine love, which was incorporated into my sessions with him, has been invaluable and rare to find.

My own journey was at a stage where I was ready to seek and heal the root of my emotional and physical issues and that is exactly what Doug helped me do. With Doug’s help I’ve learned to set clear boundaries in places where I was afraid to. I see people and situations in a different light, one of reality as Doug helped me see my blind spots and adaptations, both of which I had no idea about before working with him. Doug saw my truth and who I really am, beyond the layers of conditioning I was feeling heavily burdened by. Doug helped me see my true self and how to stand in that truth no matter what is happening in people or circumstances around me. I was also able to understand so much more about my own intuitive messaging with Doug’s guidance, such as messages from my body, from symptoms, dreams and desires.

All of the journey above has been such a pleasure. While addressing and dealing with often heavy and challenging emotions, Doug added a lightness, humor and fun. With my hand on my heart I can say that Doug is doing the work he absolutely loves and it shows in his dedication and love to his clients. You are treated as a beautiful human being and guided to shine as you truly are, right here, right now. And that is something I would wish for everyone to experience.”



Individual sessions focused on your healing, growth, and improving your relationships with others and yourself. You will receive a lot of direction and feedback as we work in collaboration.

Clarification Session

This is a single general session to help you understand where you are at and what is limiting your fulfillment and progress in your relationship(s), career and/or personal development.

Personal Gift Reading

Most everyone has special gifts that were unseen during their childhood and so lay dormant, perhaps occasionally poking through into one’s awareness and experience.

Spiritual Clarification, Awakening and Awakening Crisis

As a Transpersonal Psychologist, unaffiliated with organized religion, I can help clarify and further your spiritual development.

About Doug Miller, PhD

Clinical and Transpersonal Psychologist

Doug received a calling to be a Psychologist when he was 14, and like many in the field, this was both a calling to self-awareness and personal healing as well as to helping others. He attended experiential education as early as High School, with two years at Antioch College. He finished his BA at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, with High Honors in Psychology in 1985; with minors in Biology and Comparative Cognitive Anthropology.

“Doug was able to create an incredible space where I felt my whole being was held with love and care. For the first time in my life I felt safe sharing my intuitive self. Part of the reason was seeing Doug access his own intuition and provide accurate clarity on a multitude of issues. Doug’s ability to weave humor and wisdom makes sessions not only invaluable but you leave feeling better than when you came. Although we were working through some serious childhood wounds, I always look forward to our sessions together!”


Connect with Doug to heal and manifest your potential.