Doug Miller, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical and Transpersonal Psychologist

Free Yourself From Internal Limits and Awaken To Your True Self                   

Doug Miller, Ph.D.

Free Yourself From Internal Limits and Awaken To Your True Self

Professionally Grounded, Emotionally Open, Supporting Your Spirituality   

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What People Are Wanting:

Looking back at what people have asked for help with, there are generally two things:

1) Freedom from difficult feelings and limiting beliefs that are causing suffering or otherwise limiting them.

2) Some sort of increased awareness that could include using more of their potential, greater connection to something larger, and though they usually don't directly ask, more "magic" in their lives. 

Bring your sense of meaning and/or spirituality more deeply into your day-to-day life. Learn to trust your gut instincts in a way that more fully serves you. 

So many men want more fulfillment in their lives, but they also say:

"I just can't find the balance between work, home and play."

"I've done work on myself but there is still something missing."

"I want to be happier but I gotta take care of my responsibilities."

"I have an idea of what I want but don't know how to make it happen."

 Male conditioning teaches us to disconnect from what we really want.

If you can relate to any of this, know that it doesn't have to be this way.


Male conditioning has caused a separation between who you truly are and who the world expects you to be.

Add problematic family patterns or personal trauma and you may find yourself depressed or addicted.

Imagine life after bringing your whole self into alignment

  • You will be clearer about what you truly want from your relationships and have the skills and confidence to get it.
  • Feel more aligned and purposeful at work so that you more easily attain your career goals.
  • Approach your life with a clarity that empowers you in any situation.

I can help you access your deep and reliable source of guidance, power and connection

I'm Dr. Doug Miller, PhD.  I can help you increase the fulfillment you experience in your life by helping you reclaim lost aspects of yourself that male conditioning has walled off.

I will also help you heal from difficult life experiences that cause additional separation from your true self and from others.

It is within your power to be aligned with your true feelings and wants, which will make you clear and more effective in all that you do.  

Commit to yourself and deeper fulfillment! 

 Three Sessions With Email Support 

The 3 Session Package with Email Support is an excellent way to get started on the path to authenticity, alignment and fulfillment.

During your 3 sessions, you will:

  • Learn how your current patterns and unconscious beliefs are depriving you of getting what you really want.  Find the source of those patterns in your childhood experiences and conditioning.  
  • Begin to provide for your unfulfilled emotional needs, which will increase your clarity and strength so you can assure your needs are met in your relationships.
  • Start to feel more aligned with your authentic self and live with more meaning and strength.  

Sessions are 50 minutes and you get email support.

What comes after the 3 Session Package?

I work with clients individually, in groups, and on retreats. 

What is psychotherapy all about?

I recommend reading this great resource: Psychotherapy: Myth Versus Reality.

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About Dr. Doug Miller

Dr. Miller received a calling to be a psychologist when he was 14, and like many in the field, this was both a calling to self-awareness as well as to helping others. He graduated from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts with high honors in Psychology in 1985; with minors in Biology and Comparative Cognitive Anthropology. Having searched for graduate programs in Clinical Psychology that would suit his intuitive and emotional personality, he was accepted into the only program approved by the American Psychological Association that mentioned the word “intuition” in it’s description of itself: Georgia State University, where he learned Gestalt Therapy along with Jungian, Existential and Psychodynamic psychotherapies. Always maintaining a holistic and spiritual/growth oriented approach, he took classes in health and consciousness, became a Reiki Practitioner, and was a therapist for family of origin intensives, helping to heal the deep issues resulting from our family experiences.

Doug's Master’s Thesis was on the cognitive, emotional and self-awareness factors in adult development; his general examination topic for his Doctoral degree was on the relationship between existential and spiritual issues in psychotherapy; and his Doctoral Dissertation was on the relationship between The Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator/Jung’s Theory of Types and Personality Pathology. Since receiving his Master’s degree in 1988 (receiving his Doctoral Degree in 1995), he has had a thriving private psychotherapy practice while he also turned his focus to Forensic Psychological Evaluations working with family’s involved with the courts, as well as criminal cases.

Doug has spent a substantial time in exploring his own and other’s spirituality and encourages each individual to follow their own awareness and path. These experiences have brought him to a keen and deep understanding of the interplay and healing of psychological and emotional dynamics in the context of personal life development, empowerment and spiritual growth. Having met Elicia Miller, his soul mate and wife, they share the same passion for healing and personal growth and have accelerated one another’s journey’s.

Doug's focus with men is on recapturing aspects of self that have been lost to male conditioning, while healing the personal wounds that stand in the way of full-living, vulnerability, emotional satisfaction and deeply satisfying relationships. He sees the value of this work not only in terms of individual development but also as a way to improve men’s role in society, across societies and in relation to the planet.  He is very compassionate with an approach that sometimes includes humor, while he honors each man's process.  

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